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The following is a selection of comments from our customers

Lynne D Noble MEd. BSc.   /  Nutritional Specialist

Thank you for the results from the genetic screening that I undertook with your company which highlighted a number of important genes implicated in certain diseases that have already manifested themselves. Further they highlighted diseases which I had a number of risk factors for and which, on subsequent investigation, showed to be indeed present and requiring immediate treatment.

I have a scientific/health background myself and the revelation of the single nucleotide polymorphisms apparent in my genetic code and the suggestions for tailoring my nutrition to maximise optimum health have helped me take a more insightful responsibility for my overall health.  Furthermore, the incidence of symptoms connected with one of the diseases has noticeably reduced , already.  Many thanks.

Alison Sanders   / Civil Servant - 45

“My mother was killed in a car crash when I was one year old, and my father was killed in the war. I had no idea what they would have died of had they lived…. and I was adopted as a baby. The results were very good – the only thing it brought up was the risk of  osteoporosis but I already knew I was borderline. And having that confirmed made the rest of the test so much more believable. I felt so relieved when I’d had it done. It keeps you knowing you’re going along the right track.”

Catherine Bowens  / Clinical Psychologist - 51

“The most important thing for me to come out of was the fact that I have a genetic disposition to osteoporosis. Straight away Dr Jenkins suggested I took a calcium supplement and got to the GP to ask for a bone scan, and encouraged me to get back to the gym. More specifically for me, it showed I have a rare genotype which causes increased levels of homocysteine in the blood, resulting in an increased risk of arteriosclerosis and dementia.. I now take folic acid which negates this risk. I wish I’d known earlier and started acting sooner, but finding it out even now is hopefully protecting me to some extent. I felt absolutely delighted. These two things were always knocking around in my head, and now I know I feel more in charge.”


Ben Houseman / Builder - 44

“I got through four or five bars of chocolate a day and I’ve been through a lot of stress recently. My father died young so I wanted to know where I stood. The screening results surprised me. I was told that I was one of the healthiest people they had ever tested. The test really focused me. I am much more motivated now to continue with my healthy lifestyle.”


Dr. Chris Steele / This Morning programme.

“I think it’s fascinating .I thought ‘I’ve got to catch these guys out. I won’t tell them the truth in my medical history beforehand.’ So I said I had low blood pressure when I had high blood pressure. But when the test results came it showed I was high risk of high blood pressure. So I couldn’t fool them. It also turned out I was high risk for general cancer. And as I’ve had skin cancer twice, it all fits in.”

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Mary Deal / Office worker - 43

“I am one of four children  and was always the widest and the one to want the pudding at the end of the meal. I have discovered that I have one of the genes that influences fat metabolism and appetite. I am Asian and Asians are more prone to diabetes. (my uncle had it).This test result was  actually reassuring because it explains why I struggle with my weight. Its something that I can now work on.  I have also discovered that I am at low risk of Alzheimer’s and Osteoporosis which is good news. I was nervous at first but glad I took the test now.”


Sandy Warden / Textile designer - 52

My father died of pancreatic cancer and I have always been worried about this. I have nine grandchildren and I want to be around for them. I’ve lived a pretty healthy life but I knew that your health is governed by your lifestyle and I wanted to know what the other 50 percent predicted. My test showed that I was at a high risk of thrombosis and osteoporosis. I have taken immediate action and come of the HRT to reduce my risk of a blood clot and will take blood thinning medications before any long flights. I feel that I have had a sneak preview inside me so I can adapt my lifestyle; knowing what I can change will be worth it. The GeneticHealth team are so helpful and continue to be supportive.


Victoria Harmon / Account executive 27

I weigh 12st 5lbs and find it really hard to stick to a diet. At the back of my head I was hoping there would be a biological reason for why I find it so hard to lose weight, rather than just my lack if willpower. When I got my results, I turned straight to the obesity section and it told me that my genes were normal.  I now realise that I have to take responsibility. The test also looks at disease risk. I was worried about stroke as it runs in my family, but it seems I am OK for that. However I have a 140 fold increase of cancer as I don’t clear pollutants from my system very well. I could lower this by eating more fruit and vegetables, particularly cruciferous ones like broccoli and cabbage. If there was anything that was going to make me eat more fruit and vegetables , that’s it !. I am already up to five portions a day and I have lost a couple of pound. But what is more important is that I do feel more inclined to keep at this plan for life.


Allyson Peters  / Business woman and mother.  39

I felt surprisingly reassured. I didn’t discover anything really awful. And I know I can do something about the factors that came up high risk. I was pleased about the low cancer risk, as that was a concern. Low risk for thrombosis means that I will be more relaxed about flying and less worried about suffering a blood clot in my veins. I am not surprised about the Alzheimer’s as my grandmother had it- although not until her 80’s. I’ve been advise to take vitamin B12 and folate which are helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s.  I need to increase my weight bearing exercise to ward off osteoporosis – I will definitely follow that one up by  keeping a check on my bone density. I did get advice on eating more fruit and vegetables and since the results I’ve already started to alter my behaviour – eating less bread and planning a walking regime to increase my exercise. Overall it was a positive experience. Coming up to 40, with a divorce behind me, it’s a good time to assess my life. I’m not frightened – this is what I was born with and now I know where I need to take action.


Sarah and Richard Devere./ 39 and 50

Since setting up our hedge fund in 2005, we’ve calmed down a lot but, previously we both lived typical City lifestyles – long, stressful days, good food and lots of smoking and drinking. You cant help wondering if that’s going to take its toll in the future. I was pregnant with my first child and my mother was dying of pancreatic cancer, which really made me think about what aspect of your health you inherit. Taking the test was simple, all the materials and instructions were sent to us. We just had to run a swab over the inside of our cheeks, place it in a tube and send it back.

The tests showed a combination of factors for Richard, who was at increase risk of heart disease  and for me the most significant findings were an increased risk of osteoporosis and a potentially difficult menopause.  As a result Richard is undergoing follow up tests with his GP and I am doing more load bearing exercises to strengthen my bones.  Richards says …..Everybody knows they should live a healthier life, but you cant change everything. This test has helped identify the changes we can make that will make the biggest difference to our health in the future.

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