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Scottish doctors are building a unique gene database that will match medicines to individual patients, boosting the chances of effective treatment while reducing side-effects.  By examining the DNA of patients who suffer side-effects from a drug, or are responsive to it, they will pinpoint the genes responsible for the variations.

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Pharmaco Gene

Provides information about your personal genetic tolerance of medications.

Recent genetic research has shown that our genes influence the way we respond to drugs. Now it is possible to show which drugs might lead to serious side effects or fail to work altogether. For the first time your doctor will now be able choose drugs that most suit you and to individualise the dosage for maximum efficacy.

In this test we study the selected polymorphisms which:

  • Strongly influence the speed of metabolism of very many prescribed drugs
  • Account for accelerated or reduced transformation of harmless precursors of given medications into highly efficient substances

There is a a full post test consultation available with this test with one of our doctors; either face to face or by telephone (you choose).


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Price £180


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